Pictocalc Pictures to Casio Calculator
May 9, 2009 by Sam Sam
With Pictocalc you can convert pictures that can be displayed on your Casio calculator. The program first converts any .bmp, .jpg or .pcx picture to a Casio program that can be sent to your Calculator with "FA-123" (see the link below). In the calculator run the program "RUN-ME" and ignore "C1" and "C2" then choose where you want to save it and the calculator will now draw your picture and save it as a Casio calculator picture format. You may then delete the programs "RUN-ME", "C1" and "C2" from your calculator. To view the images you have saved on your Casio, you need to simply run the picview.cat program(provided) from your calculator.

This works on Casio calculators fx-7400/CFX-9850 series and above.

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