ClayWorld MMORPG
April 13, 2010 by Adam Sam
This is a massive multiplayer game developed in Java and uses OpenGL. The game-environment is isometric and you play as a clayman in a clayworld, It works much like many other mmorpg's. You work, excel, grow and die – with some minor exceptions. The map is infinite and dynamically rendered as you go, nothing is named so you will have to name things yourself, there are no tutorials or help messages and no descriptions, there is no live map/gps to tell you were you are and no currency or financial system, the only non-human players online are the animals/creatures and there are no quests of any kind, there is no political system to govern the society and no law or order, all that is up to you to make up. As soon as the server is up and running we will start Beta-testing.